What is NetArmor?

NetArmor can be what's missing from your network. Security, sharing, speed and much more.

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    Don't let the looks fool you, this is not just a router. NetArmor can fill the gaps that are missing from your network, and add valuable options.

    Add a smart content filter, block spam, run a web or email server, use multiple internet connections at once (load balancing and failover), monitor your network traffic...

    The list goes on and on, and the best part is, once you own it you can do it all without having to pay service fees!

    Offering a wide range of models, from affordable desktop models, all the way up to rack-mount enterprise ready models for the largest of networks.




Web Filter

Mail Filter

Intrusion Detection


File and Print Sharing

Domain Infrastructure


Traffic Shaping

Web Server

Email Server (with Webmail)

DNS Server

DHCP Server

Network Monitor


Much More!







Easy to use!

Anyone can customize applications and rules in the user friendly web interface

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    No need to have a degree to manage your network! All you need is a basic understanding of networks, and you can be up and running in no time!

    For the advanced users: if you are comfortable configuring Linux, then have at it! The possibilities are endless!

    Not comfortable setting up everything on your own? No problem, we can help!

    NetArmor is not a service, that means there is no ongoing cost of ownership, which is the case with many similar, higher cost devices.


Choose Your Platform

You can choose to order just the hardware, or pick from your choice of Open Source firewall and small business server applications.

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    Designed to run the most widely used platform for enterprise level network appliances: Linux and Unix variants.

    This isn't the Linux of the '90s either, no need to use the command prompt, or learn long lines of code to run NetArmor. Everything is configured with an easy to use graphical user interface.

    If you want to add functions that don't come pre-installed on the device, then the advanced user can configure the appliance with any number of freely available software packages.

    We recommend pfSense for a simple firewall, and Zentyal for more powerful NetArmor models.

    Ask About Your Options



So what does all this mean?

  • Infrastructure

    Infrastructure is the basic structure of a network. It assigns addresses and routes traffic much like a router, and NetArmor can be used as a router, but in reality it's much more powerful than just that.

    Yes, NetArmor appliances are designed to be used as DNS (Domain Name Service: basically resolving a www address into its numerical equivalent), DHCP (assigning internal computers and devices addresses so they can communicate) , and for basic routing functions, but to stop there is to vastly under utilize these powerful machines.

  • Gateway and Unified Threat Management (UTM)

    From a simple Firewall to Intrusion Detection, Gateway Antivirus, Gateway Anti-Spam, Content Filtering, Load Balancing, Traffic Shaping, VPN, and much more.

    This goes far beyond just blocking some ports like a typical router does. With a Unified Threat Management solution, you have a much more comprehensive solution protecting your network from potential threats. Systems like these detect unwanted probing of your network and shut down the threat before it can cause any harm.

    It can also filter out the majority of unwanted websites (can you say popup?) without the end user even knowing they are being protected. Worried about viruses? Add another layer of protection with a gateway antivirus and content filter that is almost completely invisible to the end user.

  • Small Business Server (SBS)

    File sharing, printer sharing, thin client services, domain services, web server, FTP server, email server, backup and much more.

    Run your small business without having to purchase an expensive box, and then having to fork out more money for expensive software. Get your small business server up and running for a fraction of the cost of most small business servers.

    Still need those Windows based database applications to run? No problem, just run a minimal virtualized instance of Windows on one of our more advanced systems with no problem at all. Ask a representative for more information.

    The possibilities are endless, and you never have to worry about paying just to keep your software up to date. With Open Source software you always have the latest and best features at your finger tips, with no added cost involved!

     *Please note that we do not recommend combining a Small Business Server and Firewall on a large network with 20 or more users, however for the smaller offices with tight budgets our more powerful models can more than suite your needs. Also ask one of our technicians about our higher end models that can run separate instances of a Firewall and Small Business Server in the same box.  Get Quote

  • Content Filter and Transparent Proxy (CF)

    Not only can a content filter block unwanted websites, services and email, it can also provide accelerated web browsing capabilities by caching commonly visited sites and content.

    Do most of your users visit Yahoo, MSN, or any number of other sites on a daily basis? With web caching you can save on internet traffic by caching these sites automatically so it pulls the images and content from your NetArmor devices rather than fetching it multiple times from the internet.

    Do you have multiple internet connections? Limit certain websites and services such as social media, streaming radio and video sites to one connection, and allow your important business traffic to run on a dedicated connection.

    Internet traffic slow due to overuse of social media, video sharing and internet radio stations? Stop the behaviour in its tracks with the advanced content filter. Block all use, or block use on a per-user basis with Captive Portal technology. Talk to Someone for More Information.

  • Watchdog, Bypass and High Availability

    Watchdog Technology senses if you hardware has stopped responding and will prompt the system to reset and restore your network. This feature is included in all NetArmor devices.

    Bypass Technology allows for traffic to keep flowing through the device even if the device is powered off or fails. This allows for High Availabiltiy (see below) to kick in automatically and keep your network up and running no matter what.

    High Availability allows for multiple NetArmor devices to work simultaneously and if one stops working, the backup will kick in automatically with little to no impact on network traffic.


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NetArmor is not re-inventing the wheel, we just think everyone should be able to afford the wheel, and you shouldn't have to pay a fee just to use the wheel.

If you're not satisfied, give us a call or email and we would be happy to assist you, or send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

Check out the details page for more information on this new spin on an old idea.

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