Consider Upgrading

Upgrade Options:


Storage and Additional Storage: All NetArmor models come standard with a Solid State Hard Drive (SSD). Upgrade to a larger storage device, add a second or third hard device (third device is not available on all models). A second or additional storage device is recommended if you want to utilize File Sharing or a large Internet Cache.

RAM: The more features you plan on performing with your NetArmor, the more RAM you will need.
1 or 2GB will work for most UTM features.
2 to 4GB is recommended for advanced features like Content Filter and Antivirus.
4 to 16GB is recommended if you're going to have UTM as well as some of the Small Business Server features.

NEW: USB Backup: With this option, your entire appliance will be backed up daily to an external USB drive. If your appliance fails, pop the USB drive in a new unit and you're ready to go, no need to re-configure your device! A great alternative or addition to the High Availability option. Also provides extra redundancy on your important data. *Please note that your USB drive needs to be of equal or higher capacity to your primary storage device.